I do not play EVE Online. I’ve tried it, but it wasn’t for me.

However, I love reading about EVE Online. Learning about the crazy universe these dedicated players sink themselves into might be one of the most fascinating things currently happening in the world of gaming. EVE Online, friends, is bonkers.

So, now we have news of a potentially titanic battle between the game’s current largest group, The Imperium, and a larger alliance of other smaller factions. The smaller factions have apparently joined together below the so-called Money Badger Coalition group.

If you’re as interested in this stuff as I am, check out YouTuber Tallardar‘s video explanation directly above. The six-minute-long clip does a great job glossing over what EVE Online is all about while discussing what’s being called The Northern War. That’s the big conflict between The Imperium and this Money Badger Coalition.