Facebook’s brand new Moments app won’t be enjoyed by Europeans due to regulatory concerns, a new report claims. The application’s face-recognition technology is likely to break strict rules set by European regulators, so those within the EU shouldn’t expect to get it anytime soon.

The key selling point of Moments is its ability to identify the Facebook friends that appear in your photos and then make it easy to send those images with them via shared galleries. But without that facial-recognition technology, the app doesn’t really do a lot.

Facebook would likely have to disable it in Europe, so launching the app there would be a waste of time. The company has already had to kill facial-recognition in its regular Facebook mobile app for European users after privacy watchdogs in the EU expressed concerns.

“So – given that Moments would be about as useful as a chocolate teapot without the creepy tech – privacy-sensitive EU folk won’t have access to the app in the near future,” The Register reports, adding that Facebook ” has no immediate strategy to roll out the app within the 28-member state bloc.”

Before Moments could be brought to the EU, then, Facebook would have to convince regulators to accept its facial-recognition technology, which identifies faces in photos automatically — and it would seem that that’s a near-impossible task. In fact, the company may not even bother trying.

“This office has not been consulted on any planned roll out of facial recognition products in Europe,” the Irish Data Protection Commission told The Register. “We would expect to be consulted if such products are being considered for Europe.”