Nintendo has filed a trademark for its GameCube classic Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The timing of this leak comes just before we are about to get more information on the Nintendo Switch, including any information on Virtual Console.

In fact, the rumors are already out there that the Nintendo Switch will be supporting GameCube games on its new Virtual Console system. Three games are already reportedly going to launch with the service when it launches, and Eternal Darkness is not one of them.

This is fine, because Eternal Darkness is a great game, but not the highest of my priorities. If it takes a month or so to come out afterwards, I’d be cool with that.

Mind trips back when Resident Evil spooks were the standard

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem became a classic the instant in came out. The game set a new standard to playing with gamer’s minds by playing tricks on them rather than scaring them with zombies. It recreated the image of a television set shutting off, a spider crawling onto the screen, or sometimes, just the playable character’s head exploding with a full blown Game Over screen!

Pro-tip, don’t reset!

When that insanity meter gets full, you never know what will happen. You might even see static on your digital television set. Yup, that’s a spook that might be a little dated. Will the kids even know what it is?