If you’re a Verizon customer, you can now use the Essential Phone on the carrier’s network with full compatibility.

It’s been a long road for Essential to get its first phone on every major U.S. network. When the company introduced itself to the world in May, little was known about where and when you could purchase the Essential Phone. Eventually we found out that Sprint would be the exclusive carrier selling the phone in addition to an unlocked model being offered online, but the company promised the Essential Phone would be capable of working on all four networks.

Customers with Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have been able to use the Essential Phone for a couple weeks. Until now, Verizon customers were left waiting. Fortunately it has been confirmed that the Essential Phone is compatible on Verizon’s CDMA-based network.

Essential, as well as Andy Rubin, made the announcement on Twitter.


You can put your SIM card from Verizon into the Essential Phone and everything should work flawlessly. Receiving certification from the carrier allows the phone to take advantage of everything Verizon’s network can do. In addition to using all of the important bands for full signal strength and high-speed data, the Essential Phone on Verizon can utilize Wi-Fi calling and Advanced LTE.

Essential started testing on the major U.S. networks in July. Rubin’s close relationship with SoftBank helped secure certification from Sprint quickly. AT&T and T-Mobile, meanwhile, use GSM-based networks that are much less complex; therefore, getting certification wasn’t time-consuming. Verizon being the strict carrier that it is took its time to ensure customers would get a perfect experience from the Essential Phone.

Anyone who is a Verizon customer (or belongs to another carrier) can purchase the Essential Phone online from Essential, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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