When Andy Rubin announced the Essential Phone PH-1 in May, he stated it would be available for purchase within 30 days. That timeframe came and went and the Essential Phone is still not here. But according to a new Best Buy listing, it may be on the way real soon.

According to Android Police, Best Buy put up two listings of the Essential Phone on its site. One of the listed devices is an unlocked variant that will work with any carrier and the second is a Sprint-exclusive model. Each listing has a breakdown of the Essential Phone’s specs and the available colors: Black Moon and Pure White.

If Best Buy is listing the phone on its site, the official release date may not be too far away. The best we can surmise is that Best Buy is gearing up for the release of the Essential Phone some time in the near future—or at least we hope so. The listing doesn’t specify an availability date, just has a “Coming Soon” label at the top.

Interestingly enough, the unlocked version is listed for $699—the price that was originally announced during the Essential Phone’s unveiling. The Sprint version costs an extra $50 ($749). There’s still no explanation for the price discrepancy, but Best Buy has since removed the Sprint variant listing.

Only time will tell if the Essential Phone is indeed coming soon.