The latest version of Android is now available on the Essential Phone following several months of testing.

Essential announced that Oreo, which was released by Google last summer, is hitting its 2017 flagship starting today. Customers will see a notification appear to download and install a software update for new tasty goodness. And they won’t be stuck with the base level of Oreo. Essential took the liberty of implementing Android 8.1, not Android 8.0, to ensure customers have the best possible experience around.

Although things got off to a rough start for Essential and the PH-1, the company slowly got its act together. The Essential Phone has come a long way through numerous software updates.

Now that it’s running the latest version of Android, Essential can actually say its ahead of companies like Samsung and LG. Somehow the biggest Android partners are still struggling to roll out Oreo, which is why the Android distribution numbers remain so disappointing.

For the Essential Phone, the file size of the software update for Oreo is a whopping 275.8MB. It includes everything Oreo is known for in addition to the March security patch, new dynamic icons for the Calendar and Clock apps, and a fix for the scrolling jitter.