Essential isn’t quite ready to begin rolling out Oreo. It’ll take several more weeks for the latest version of Android to hit the Essential Phone as the major software update for its first and only product has been delayed. Essential, though, does have a valid reason for holding off on the public release of Oreo. There’s simply a better build already available that the company would rather have on its flagship.

The explanation was shared on Twitter:

The Essential Phone’s first taste of Oreo will be Android 8.1, not Android 8.0 as originally planned. Essential feels the tweaked build addresses “several stability issues” that have been plaguing performance in the Oreo Beta Program.

Users enrolled in Essential’s beta program are welcome to try out Android 8.1 once it’s ready. Essential will collect feedback, and shortly after a public release should commence.

Google released Android 8.0 Oreo in August 2017, but since then Android’s maker has rolled out an upgraded build. Only devices belonging to the Pixel and Nexus families have Android 8.1 Oreo, but partners are free to implement it on their own products as well. So maybe the Essential Phone could be the first non-Google device to have Android 8.1.

There isn’t a specific date for the public release of Oreo on the Essential Phone to begin rolling out, but Essential says “these extra couple weeks” are going to help immensely.