Essential introduced three new colors for its current flagship earlier this week, but there’s actually a fourth debuting today. The company decided that Amazon deserves an exclusive for supporting the Essential Phone since its release last summer.

Just for the online retailer, the Essential Phone in Halo Gray has been created. It’s almost identical to Stellar Gray but with one minor difference. While both have matte black-colored backsides, the Halo Gray trades the black titanium frame for silver. Pricing, though, is very different. The Essential Phone in Halo Gray is $449 rather than $599 like the other newbies.

It’s also worth pointing out that Essential says built-in Alexa capabilities are shipping with the Halo Gray color.

Like Amazon, Best Buy stepped forward to help sell the Essential Phone in the United States. So maybe the electronics retailer will also get its own exclusive sometime soon. Amazon and Best Buy are the only two retailers who committed to selling the unlocked Essential Phone.

Since all of the planned colors are now out of the way, Essential is likely to shift its focus to a 2018 flagship.

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