Essential has been quiet on the subject of the arrival of its Essential Phone since it missed its initial deadline back in June. Last week the phone popped up on Best Buy’s website, sparking intrigue as to whether its arrival would be soon. Turns out, that speculation was not out of place. Essential has officially stated it will announce the Essential Phone’s release date “in a week.”

Essential president Niccolo De Masi recently talked with The Wall Street Journal, opening up about specific details regarding the Essential Phone’s availability. He confirmed that the phone will be available at Best Buy and Amazon and that it will be a Sprint exclusive upon its launch. Telus will be the exclusive carrier in Canada.

De Masi also stated the company would announce the release date “in a week.” That may mean the Essential Phone will arrive some time within the next few weeks or months, putting it in a very competitive market. It may risk being completely ignored with the release of the Note 8 and iPhone 8 looming large.

“If we are able to sell low single digit millions [in the first year], that’s very successful for a startup,” De Masi later added, providing some insight into Essential’s expectations of the device. That’s not too different to Google’s expectations with the Pixel. Given the Essential Phone is a first generation device, sales predictions will be more on the tepid side.

Essential has remained cagey about the Essential Phone’s launch, but it sounds like its arrival is imminent.