The first DLC release for the PlayStation Vita's Escape Plan is set to drop on April 10th, and it will add 19 prequel puzzle rooms for free!

The expansion is titled Bakuki's Lair, and it will be released with the game's 1.01 patch. The add-on will be available for free to all owners of the title Escape Plan for the PlayStation Vita.

Escape Plan's new prequel levels will kick off Lil and Laarg's adventures by having them stranded inside a hazardous sausage factory. The puzzles must be solved in order to free your partner from a savory sausage death of doom!

Along with the prequel puzzle levels, Escape Plan's 1.01 patch will pack a variety of tweaks and game improvements, each comes based on the feedback from the community. The patch will give the player more pin-point accuracy on tap blocks. The star rating system will also see improvements.

It's always refreshing to see developers push out free DLC for their games. It's something that casual mobile gamers on iOS and Android have grown accustomed to, but console gamers have never really had a taste of. Paying for DLC has been the trend throughout most console platforms. Giving the community new content, free of charge, is certainly a great way to keep your fans happy and loyal.

If you've yet to pick up Escape Plan, it's availible on the PSN for $14.99. If you decide to give the puzzle game a shot, Escape Plan's first DLC pack will be available for free on April 10th.

[Via: PlayStation.Blog]