The Moto X is in the running for the most over exposed phone ever prior to its unveiling. From numerous leaks, to it being used by a Motorola Exec in front of journalists, it seems you can’t go more than two minutes without this phone popping up in a picture somewhere. Now you can add Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to the list of photo contributors.

While attending the annual Allen and Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Eric Schmidt was photographed by journalists while he was using his cell phone. Considering all of the leaked images that have surfaced, it wasn’t too difficult for journalists to figure out he was using the Moto X.

This is our best look yet at the phone in real world conditions, and we have to say it’s a nice looking phone. Motorola isn’t going to have to tell us much about the overall look once it is finally unveiled, but we have a feeling there will be a lot to tell us about the customization aspects.