Are Android and Chrome OS set to become one? Last week multiple reports claimed Google could be gearing up to combine its two major operating systems, and a new comment from parent company Alphabet's executive chairman suggests the rumors could be true.

Speaking at TechCrunch's Beijing summit on Monday (via CNET), Eric Schmidt suggested that the line between Android and Chrome OS will begin to blur moving forward. "I think the distinctions that are so hardcoded today are allowed to become less hardcoded," he said.

Before that can happen, Google needs to figure out how to combine the two operating systems. The company's engineers have allegedly been working on this problem for a few years now, but Schmidt noted that there's still plenty of work left to do. "Technology can move forward where it's possible you can wrap one into the other," he hinted.

None of these quotes sound like a definitive promise that Android and Chrome OS will be combined, but it's the closest we've come to a confirmation so far. Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer, who runs both operating systems, even took to Twitter to deny the rumors last week.

Still, based on Eric Schmidt's statements it sounds like the line between Android and Chrome OS will become a lot harder to pin down, even if they never fully merge.