It’s fun to collect technology, but there’s an upper limit, as much as it hurts to admit. Most of us are going to be happy with one phone, one game console, one television. After that, you need stuff to do on all that tech. And maybe a little something for when the power goes out. We love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, so we’re going to dive into the best ways to watch, read, play, wear, and collect gear from your favorite heroes.


It’s hard to stay caught up on all the comic book shows and movies right now. It’s quite possibly the best time to be a superhero fan. In just the last month, we’ve seen Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters and Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix. Meanwhile, the CW has four active superhero shows going right now. Even if your loved one watches this stuff seriously, there’s bound to be something they overlooked. It might be a bit obvious, but you can’t go wrong with some Blu-rays.

Wonder Woman (4K)

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The DCEU has had its share of bumps and bruises, but there’s no disputing that Wonder Woman has been a bright spot for the franchise. The movie holds up to multiple viewings thanks to great chemistry among its lead characters and one of the most genuinely optimistic superhero films in a long while.

Marvel’s Daredevil

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Sure, okay, you can pop open Netflix on your Apple TV and have Daredevil playing before I can even finish this sentence. But it’s 2017. Our ISPs are imposing transfer caps, and the FCC is talking about rolling back net neutrality regulations. And while ISPs could throttle streaming quality if that happened, discs are going to keep working. And hey, even if streaming looks good, Blu-ray discs still look noticeably better. And with a show as good-looking as Daredevil, it’s worth getting every detail.

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While the book isn’t always better, it’s always worth picking up if you’re a fan of the movie or show. Marvel and DC’s movies and shows have been pulling material from some of the best storylines in comics. They don’t match up to the source 1:1, though, and sometimes the differences are fascinating.

Civil War Box Set

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The Russo brothers did an admirable job adapting the Civil War storyline from Marvel’s comic books for the big screen. It’s one of the best Marvel flicks, and it’s a blast to watch our heroes go head to head. But the story is a vast, sprawling one that ended up involving just about every hero in the Marvel universe, including characters like Daredevil, the Punisher, and the X-Men. And the Sub-Mariner (he’s like Aquaman, but he only wears underpants). The full, all-encompassing box set is a tall order, and one of the more expensive items on our list, but it’s going to give the comic-book fan in your life plenty to do.

My First Batman Book

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Or maybe you’re buying for a kid or have a $10 limit and want to get a laugh out of a friend. Why not go for My First Batman Book: Touch and Feel, a book about the two things Batman hasn’t experienced in decades.

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Comic book games have had a tough time making a splash lately, apart from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy. But this year we got a pair of fighting games that will let you step into the shoes of many of your favorite heroes.

Injustice 2

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Despite this being a sequel, don’t let that deter you from picking this one up. The game will get you caught up on everything you need to know, such as why Batman, Supergirl, and the Flash are all beating the snot out of each other, and then unleash you and let you do just that. The game is a blast, and it’s on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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While Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite hasn’t received the same universal acclaim afforded Injustice 2, it’s still packed with unique, fun takes on some of our favorite heroes. And c’mon, you know Iron Man and Mega Man are a match made in crossover heaven.

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Whether you’re looking for clothes designed for men or women, boys or girls, you could make an entire wardrobe out of superhero gear this point. I have enough Flash t-shirts that even I’m starting to question my life decisions. The best part is that it’s possible to adorn yourself in hero gear without having to choose between being a cosplayer and just slapping a logo on a shirt.

Cyclops hoodie

Cyclops might be a jerk, but this Cyclops-themed hoodie is dope. It makes use of the primary colors the same way the X-Men uniforms do, without being quite so form-fitting.

Flash ugly Christmas sweater

Or maybe you or someone you know has one of those ugly-sweater parties coming up that are so popular lately, and you don’t feel like digging around thrift stores. There’s an ugly holiday sweater for just about every superhero.


But decorating is important, too, and seeing our favorite characters in three dimensions is one of the coolest ways to show off the comics we love.

The Joker quarter-scale figure

If you really want to break the bank for your favorite geek, pre-order this $540 quarter-scale Joker statue, based on Heath Ledger’s legendary portrayal of the character in The Dark Knight. This 18-inch figure is the spitting image of his live-action counterpart, and comes with multiple hand-painted heads you can swap out, along with extra hands, weapons, and other accessories, to get the exact version of the Joker you want. Yeah, it even comes with the pencil. If not that, then one of the countless other Hot Toys statues below.

Countless Funko! Pop toys

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Or maybe you’re decorating your cubicle or feel like maybe it’s not smart to buy a statue that requires a withdrawal from your kids’ college fund (hey, don’t judge me). In that case, there’s a nearly unlimited supply of Funko! vinyl toys. There are at least a dozen different Iron Man Funko toys, if that’s your jam.

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