Erato already makes a great pair of truly pairs of wireless earbuds with Apollo 7, but the company’s learned a lot since its first product launched on Kickstarter earlier this year. Now it’s back with two new models offering longer battery life, better fitting designs, and cheaper prices just in time for the headphone jack-less iPhone 7.

The company’s new Muse 5 and Rio 3 earbuds launched today in a single Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. Muse 5 is designed to stick firmly in your ear and features powerful audio starting at $79. Rio 3 has a sporty style with a long-lasting battery life for just $69. They’re also both water-resistant (like Apollo 7), so you can rinse them off in the sink.

The new Muse 5 earbuds are like Apollo 7 on steroids. They’re chunkier but don’t protrude much with a flattened design that almost looks squished. There’s a single flat round button on the outside to pause your music or answer a phone call. The new earbuds also boast a four-hour battery life with an extra two charges in the carrying case. They feature 3D spatial audio and add some extra bass that was definitely missing from the original earbuds.

The biggest upgrade of all is FitSeal, a patented new system from Erato that should keep the earbuds from popping out in any situation. Muse 5 comes with several swappable sleeves in different sizes designed to fit you outer eardrum perfectly so the buds stay in place and your music can’t escape. The tips are swappable, too, so Muse 5 can fit in any type of ear. They come in silver, rose gold, black or blue.

Rio 3 take a drastically different approach, throwing subtlety out the door for a bigger battery and easier controls. Each earbud lasts for six hours, but there’s no charging case so you’ll need to plug them in directly. Rio 3 also features easier controls, along with a flexible grip that hangs securely from the top of your ears without putting any noticeable pressure on them.

The sporty earbuds are a great option if you want to try truly wireless audio without any of the major compromises that usually come with it. They’ll stick out like a sore thumb, though, so pick your color carefully. Rio 3 comes in black, green, red, silver or teal.

You can pre-order Muse 5 or Rio 3 now on Indiegogo via the source link below.