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Mere weeks after Amazon brought offline viewing to Prime members, Epix on Tuesday announced intentions to do the same. Moving forward, the network will allow subscribers to download content directly to their mobile devices, and watch where and when they want without the hassle of an Internet connection. Your move, Netflix.

While it might not be a feature people frequently take advantage of, it's great for people who are constantly traveling. A 5-hour airplane ride suddenly doesn't seem so bad when you can watch movies like The Hunger Games and Star Trek. These are the same movies that are leaving Netflix's library at the end of September.

The streaming wars are heating up. Not only is it about the content a company offers, but how subscribers can access that content. With services like Amazon and now Epix allowing customers to bring their favorite content offline, it puts pressure on companies like Netflix, which currently doesn't offer offline viewing. As more and more competitors offer the feature, however, I wonder how long it will be until Netflix follows suit.