Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein has already spoken about one device in the next generation of  the portable gaming console wars. He talked about the 3DS and its inability to run the Unreal Engine to the company's standards. Now he's at it again, although this time he's recounted his unrelenting love for Sony's NGP.

No, really.

I love console game experiences. I love, love, love playing Gears of War, Call of Duty, Borderlands – I just love those kinds of game…And you really need the Dualshock type controls to do it effectively…The NGP delivers it in spades.

Rein spoke with Eurogamer at last week's GDC about Sony's NGP and the potential gameplay experiences users are in for. Given the dual analog setup, Rein thinks that more traditional console gaming will have a home on the NGP.

You really do want to play those kinds of games on it for sustained periods of time. Sat down on your couch, or in a hotel room, or somewhere you don't have a big TV. It's a fantastic experience.

Outside of Sony themselves, these are the largest forms of praise we've heard about the NGP by someone from within the industry. The handheld, while not really sporting any formally announced titles, is earning a lot of gamer interest simply because it seems to emulate the console experience well. Rein spoke about that, too, and he even offered that a bevy of properly announced games will make the unit sell, regardless of price.

The ability to have another device that can now play these kinds of games really well – I'm using my thumbs here – is huge…

…When you get your hands round that device and you see some of the things that are going to ship on it, you'll go 'Want. Want, want, want,'…Tell me, if they put Call of Duty on there – which they say they are – and World of Warcraft, don't you think it would sell like frickin' crazy? Of course it would…

Rein made a nod to the iPad when it came to the potential price of the NGP. He said that consumers once coughed at the price tag on Apple's tablet, and he compares that sort of disdain for the kind that will surface when the NGP's price is revealed. And, he says, it's one that will go away.

Users will buy the NGP because of what it offers, regardless of price, is the central point of Rein's argument.

While I know that some may agree, I don't count myself among them. Sony could announce the price of the NGP at E3, and my purchase hinges entirely on that factor.

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