The Wii U may be getting some extra third-party support from Junction Point and Disney's gaming department. A new rumor indicates the Epic Mickey 2 will either be a Wii U title or support the Wii U tablet as a Wii game.

The news comes from, as Game Informer describes the source of this latest batch of speculation, an "Internet sleuth."

Here's the Tweet in question from @supererogatory:

Apparently Junction Point is "implementing Wii U support for Epic Mickey 2." Not sure if that means WiiU SKU or Wii version supports tablet.

While this is certainly just about as far from a confirmation as one can get, the potential match up between Epic Mickey 2 and the Wii U makes complete sense. Nintendo needs games, first of all. Second of all, the original Epic Mickey performed fairly well despite its mixed critical reception.

The major snag working against this rumor? Outside of some speculation based on market surveys done by Disney, there has been no official confirmation that an Epic Mickey follow-up is coming for any console at all. I'd love to see it hit every HD platform, but at this point not even that is confirmed.

We'll have more on this potential project as it comes.

[via Game Informer]