In an E3 interview with Joystiq, Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein expressed his excitement for both Sony's upcoming handheld and Nintendo's next home console. Both units are capable of producing graphics and games in line with Epic's current model for scale and graphical appeal, and the VP shared his delight with both pieces of hardware.

Joystiq snagged a quote from Rein regarding his new-found love of the PS Vita. Sony's next little handheld seems capable of playing gorgoues, AAA games. That fact is not lost on Rein.

The Vita blew me away…I was shocked at how badly I wanted to take one of those home with me.

As an editorial sidenote, I find myself of the same opinion. Holding, playing and watching the handheld from Sony work had me loving the upcoming portable. Add to that fact the super sweet $250 starting point and I can't wait for this holiday and the full release of the PS Vita.

But that's not all. Mark Rein gives hope to fans of the Nintendo brand and those looking forward to the Wii U as he regaled Joystiq with his excitement for that system and its potential as well. Rein told Joystiq that he and some members of his staff got a chance to play with the Wii U and see some of what it can do. He would not go into specifics, but he did say that he was impressed with the system's capabilities and what it had to offer. He even said that he expects the console will do very well.

Rein pointed Joystiq towards an old interview discussing Nintendo's next console and Epic's desire to build the Unreal Engine for it. Here's what he said: "'If Nintendo made a system that could run our engine, we'd be on it like water on fish.' And so when someone asked me what I thought about the Wii U, I said, 'Water, meet fish.'"

We'll have more on both the PS Vita and Wii U as it comes.

[via Joystiq]