Epic Games, the studio behind the original Gears of War trilogy and the Unreal Engine, are about to toss their hat into the MOBA ring with a brand new game called Paragon. It has released the first of many teaser trailers detailing Twinblast, the first of its "hero" characters.

Epic plans to reveal even more "heroes" every week between now and Dec. 3, and it will release the full game later in 2016.

Not much else is known about the game just yet, but it is assumed to be a MOBA, or at least first or third-person shooter hybrid, thanks to the terminology used by Epic Games when talking about it. The first or third-person shooter assumption comes from Epic Games specialization in the genre in and Twinblast's guns. No doubt, Epic will also use its own Unreal Engine 4, making it at least the prettiest MOBA out there.

Stay tuned for more information and more trailers on Paragon, Epic Games' latest PC exclusive.