Prepare your extra batteries and charging cables, folks, Kairosoft has just released yet another life-sucking simulation game on the Android platform. Epic Astro Story takes all of the sim content Kairosoft is known for and tosses it up in space.

We think their brief line of marketing in English does this product the most justice:

Pioneer the final frontier! Meet aliens! Galactic glory awaits!

Galactic glory, friends … Galactic. Glory.

All kidding aside, anyone that has had the experience of playing a Kairosoft title like Game Dev Story or Hot Springs Story will likely be able to tell you first hand that these are among the most rewarding games in the mobile gaming scene. They’re deep experiences, they provide complex ways to play and micromanage and they are perfect for gaming in both long and short stints.

The only issue some potential consumers may have with Epic Astro Story will likely come from its price point; this game sells for $4.99. That $5 mark is in line with the rest of Kairosoft’s software catalogue (though, right now, Game Dev Story is selling for $2.50). In the land of games for $0.99, though, it can sometimes seem odd to pay five times the price for similar products.

Still, simply because of my time spent on Game Dev Story, I’ll be taking the $5 plunge immediately. In fact…

Dear Jon Rettinger,

It’s been quite a ride.

Due to the release of what’s sure to be another soul-consuming simulation game from Kairosoft, please allow me to tender my resignation.

I ask only one thing: punch Mike Perlman in the face every time he uses the word “peanut.” Don’t ever tell him why. Over time, I’d like him to associate peanuts with extreme pain and, thus, think he is allergic to them.

Best of luck with your giant knife.


For those iOS gamers out there wondering if this title is available for them: it’s not. Not yet, at least. We’ll let you know if it ever hits Apple‘s mobile platform.