Wind farm

Companies today make it a point to acknowledge their commitment to going green. Apple is one of the most vocal, and it seems the company's efforts have landed it at a respectable fourth place among the Environmental Protection Agency's top 30 tech and telecom companies list. The EPA's list highlights the annual use of green power by Green Power Partners in the U.S., recognizing the companies that help to reduce the environmental impact of electricity use. Data was collected from U.S. Operations usage only, based on any combination of three options: renewable energy certificates, on-site generation and utility green power products.

Topping the list among tech and telecom companies was Intel, which has an annual green power usage (kWh) of 3,100,850,000. Slotting in at number two was Microsoft, while Google rounded out the top three. The list reveals each tech companies green power resources, along with providers of such power. While Apple came in at number four, the company has a diverse portfolio of resources, including biogas, biomass, geothermal, small-hydro, solar and wind, as well as an expansive list of providers.

Other names on the list include Dell (6), Sony (9), Samsung (14) and Lenovo (19). According to the EPA's list, 100-percent of Intel's power usage comes from green sources, while Google's is at a low 32-percent. Apple and Microsoft are in the eighties, while Samsung's total power usage comes from 6-percent green sources. In the national top 100 overall, Intel is still at number one, Microsoft's is at number two, while Apple falls out of the top ten at number 11. Samsung is at number 89 of the national top 100.