HTC One Series

If you're all excited for the HTC One series, but live in the U.K. and aren't sure when to expect them, the good news is that all three models are on their way.

Clove Technology wasted no time in posting the new HTC One series of devices to its site for pre-order.  The phones aren't going to be cheap as you won't be buying them on contract, but if you're dying to get your hands on these, here's how they'll break down:

  • HTC One X – Gray or white, £410 (£492 including VAT), Due April 5
  • HTC One S – £375 (£450 including VAT), Due April 5
  • HTC One V – £220 (£264 including VAT), Due April 26

According to AndroidCentral, U.K. carrier Three will be carrying all three of the devices.  Meanwhile, those of you on Vodafone will be able to pick up either the One X or One S, but not the more budget friendly One V.

If you're one of our many readers from the U.K., bet ready, it looks like you're about to be invaded by the HTC One series.