The Galaxy Note 7 sure does know how to catch fire so, heck, why not use it to keep warm this holiday season?

No, we don't recommend you actually do that, but you can be funny and simply put this on the big-screen in your living room and pretend that's what you're doing. The video above is simply an 8-minute clip of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones blazing and cackling in the fire place, perfect for snuggling up to with a good book or loved one. There's even some relaxing ringtone music in case you want to set the mood.

The Galaxy Note 7 will keep you warm and cozy

I get it, I get it. The Galaxy Note 7 fires probably aren't funny to some of you yet. It sure was a heck of a smartphone, and it caused some serious damage and fears among the folks who purchased one. But we're a few months removed now, so maybe it's time we start laughing and enjoying it just a tad? Who's going to play this video over the holidays?