When you buy a new console or home theater system, wouldn't it be nice if someone delivered it to your door and set it up for you? That's exactly what you get from Enjoy, the new gadget store and delivery service from former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson.

Enjoy is different to other online gadget stores in lots of ways. Every product if offers has been hand-picked by an Enjoy Expert, which is why you'll only find a small selection of high-end devices in its catalog.

What's more, everything you buy from Enjoy is delivered to your door by one of those Experts, and they'll help you set up your device and teach you how it works before they leave at no extra cost.

It's this personal service that separates Enjoy from existing online retail giants like Amazon and eBay. It takes the hassle out of setting up and learning to use new devices all by yourself, and with a guaranteed date and time for delivery, you no longer have to wait in all day for a courier.

"We're living in an on-demand delivery world," Johnson told The Wall Street Journal. "We expect everything to come when and where we want. It's time to reinvent how we buy things."

Starting today, Enjoy is serving customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and parts of New York City. Some of the gadgets it currently offers are the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a number of Sonos speakers, the DJI Phantom 3 drone, GoPro, and a bunch of notebooks from Lenovo and HP.

You won't find iPads or Macs in Enjoy's catalog for now, though the service will offer iPhones through a partnership with AT&T. Starting May 19, customers within Enjoy's reach will be able to select Enjoy as a delivery option when buying an iPhone on AT&T's website, and they'll get the setup service free.

Enjoy is also offering its setup service as a standalone product. For $99, customers can hire an Enjoy Expert for up to an hour to setup and teach them about other gadgets they have purchased elsewhere.

Enjoy currently has around 80 Experts, and some products can be delivered to homes, offices, and other places within as little as four hours. And unlike other delivery services, Enjoy is paying its drivers a full salary and benefits.

Before starting Enjoy, Johnson spent almost 12 years at Apple leading its retail business, before leaving to become CEO at J.C. Penney. Johnson is credited with creating Apple's hugely successful retail stores, but he wasn't quite as successful at J.C. Penney and was ousted after just two years.