A member of the group claiming responsibility for the attacks on Sony and Microsoft's gaming networks on Christmas Day has been arrested by British police.

The 22-year-old, named Vinnie Omari, believed to be a member of Lizard Squad, was arrested last week following a raid on his home.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Omari said that the agents from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit "took everything." He listed an Xbox One, phones, laptops, a USB devices among those things removed. A press release from the Thames Valley Police confirms it, listing an arrest "on suspicion of fraud by false representation and Computer Misuse Act offense."

Omari was released on bail a day later, and no charges have currently been filed.

"Just alleged charges," he said, noting that he's waiting to hear back from the forensics team investigating it. Cybercrime expert and journalist Brian Krebs said on Twitter that the Lizard Squad member calling himself Ryan (who Krebs says is a Finnish citizen named Julius) was also arrested and questioned.

Following the attack, the group released an app called LizardStresser, meant to allow people to take down any website or service they want for a fee. That app, according to Krebs, has disappeared. As cracks start to appear in the group's anonymity, the likelihood that more members will be outed increases, and we might see more of these stories in the coming weeks.