Enesco has been around since 1958 and has always made great products, but its selection of Disney items on display at Toy Fair 2018 may be some of its best work to date.

Enesco has been working with the artist Miss Molly for some time now, and considering the line to get her autograph when she spent some time in the booth, it definitely seems to be working. There will be numerous products bearing her artwork in 2018.

(Apologies for some of the photos, uplighting at Toy Fair always makes me groan with frustration)

Nightmare Before Christmas is turning 25 years old and Enesco is going to have plenty of new products to help you celebrate the citizens of Halloween Town.

In general Disney releases, the focus is mainly on the Disney Princesses, but there are some awesome other items coming. The Maui from Moana is one impressive statue.

If you’re a Disney fan you’re probably already aware of Enesco products, but if you aren’t, you can clearly see there are a lot of reasons you should be.

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