When Microsoft launched the Xbox One more than a week ago, employees who actually worked on the console were given special edition white versions of the machine.

Those white consoles feature a white main unit and white controller both embossed with “I Made This – Launch Team 2013.”

The only oddity in these otherwise fairly attractive offerings? The Kinect is black, just like the standard one that ships with every Xbox One. If you’re gonna go full on white for a special release, why include a component that doesn’t match the unique color? Seems weird, right?

Right now, consumers can only buy black Xbox One’s. While I personally don’t care too much about the way a console looks, I really do like the white design for this special Xbox One. It’s also pretty cool that Microsoft commemorated what was undoubtedly a lot of work for the console’s launch team with this gift.

What do you think of the white Xbox Ones? Yay or nay?