Elon Musk heard you have a Tesla, so he wants to give you another one for free.

The founder on Wednesday sent out a letter to Tesla owners expounding the virtues of “word of mouth” marketing, and how the company’s growth directly correlates to your glowing review. In fact, your recommendations have been so crucial to Tesla’s growth that he wants to reward owners by giving them a $1,000 credit to their account.

Even better, the first person to refer ten friends who purchase a Model S will get a Model X for free. Hey, now’s not a bad time to pick up a Model S with Ludicrous Mode.

Beginning today and running through Oct. 31, if someone buys a Model S through your personalized referral link, they will get $1,000 off the purchase price, while you’ll get a $1,000 credit. Not too shabby. The credit can be applied to a future car purchase (hint, hint), service charge or accessories, Musk said. A maximum of ten $1,000 discounts has been instilled on each account, which means you and 1 million of your closest friends are out of luck.

If you reach five successful referrals, Musk will personally invite you to tour Tesla’s Gigafactory when it opens. Reaching ten orders (assuming someone already got the free Model X) will give you access to purchase a Founder Series Model X with all the extra bells and whistles at no extra cost.

Musk said these new incentives are just an experiment, inspired by his time at PayPal. If you have friends who always talk about buying a Model S, just use your specialized link; it’s a win-win. And you might even get a free Model X.