We're getting closer to Judgement Day for Tesla's plan to release the Model 3 by the end of the year. Hopes weren't too high given the large quantity of cars Tesla needs to manufacture, but testing of the car is well underway it seems. Elon Musk went on Twitter to unveil the first release candidate version of the Model 3 that's fully drivable.

The six second video Musk shared shows a black Model 3 cruising down a parking lot. Not much can be ascertained from the video other than Tesla has drivable Model 3 cars seemingly roaming the streets somewhere. Tesla has stated the the Model 3 will begin deliveries at the end of 2017, but others have speculated it until 2018. Regardless, seeing a Model 3 on the road is a good sign for the end of 2017 timeframe Tesla has long stated.

Musk also revealed details about the Model 3 including its name

Elon Musk went into depth about a few other things regarding the Model 3 while on Twitter. He reveals the Model 3 isn't the "next version" of Tesla cars, but a "smaller, more affordable version of the Model S [with] less range [and] power [and] fewer features." It has long been believed the Model 3 would be a successor to the Model S, but it'll be more like its little brother with less features. But if the it's as cheap as Tesla is claiming, the sacrifices will be worth it.

He also  opened up about the name of the Model 3. Initially it was going to be called the Model E, but Ford sued and blocked it and Tesla had to scrap the name and settled for the 3 moniker. The resulting line of cars Tesla features is now S3X. Very funny, Elon.

The whole exchange on Twitter is quite interesting. You can see some of Elon Musk's tweets just above.