Elon Musk, someone we are convinced is from the future, promised Tesla will have a car next year that will be 90-percent capable of auto-pilot. Musk didn’t specify which of his fleet of cars he’s talking about, but just hearing those words spill from his mouth is likely enough to get the legions of Tesla fans into a tizzy.

In an interview with CNN Money, Musk confidently says autonomous cars will become a reality sooner rather than later. He casually remarks that a Tesla vehicle will be 90-percent capable of auto-pilot in 2015, though that doesn’t mean we’ll for sure see that technology available to consumers.

When asked how Musk plans on making a Tesla car autonomous, he says it’ll happen through a combination of various sensors, including cameras with image recognition, radar and ultrasonics.

“But you guys are going to be the leader?” CNN Money’s Rachel Crane asks. “Of course,” Musk replies. Smooth, direct and emphatic.

Autonomous technology has been teased by car companies (and Google) for a number of years now, and the technology is coming much closer to reality. If indeed Tesla can introduce its own method by next year that gives drivers the ability to drive 90-percent of their miles on autopilot, it’ll add even more lore to Musk’s growing reputation.

In the meantime, Musk this week said he is going to reveal the D on Oct. 9, so we’ll be on the lookout for that announcement next week.