Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and renewable energy driving force, is clearly frustrated with the most recent designs of the Koch brothers. He fired off a tweet today linking to a Huffington Post story that highlights the brothers’ intention to once again try and kill electric cars.

Here he is.

The Kochs, Charles and David, sit as the heads of Koch Industries, a conglomerate built on industries like fossil fuels, chemicals and more. As such, they have a vested interest in stemming the tide of electric cars. Those cars, clearly, depend less upon their products than the typical combustion engine variety.

The Huffington Post story, which is linked in both Musk’s tweet and the source below, is a long read that highlights some of the Kochs’ spending to defeat electric cars. It says that the brothers aim to spend roughly $10 million per year to push back electric vehicles, and they’ll do it by boosting fossil fuel-driven cars while attacking the government subsidies meant to help electric cars.

They’re said to fund a currently unnamed group charged with this task, and that group, according to the story, will be up and running by this spring or summer.

Koch Industries, it appears, are threatening long term progress in favor of short term profits.

Check the Huff Po story for more. It’s a good one.