News surfaced on Monday that Elon Musk almost sold Tesla to Google a couple of years ago. Can you imagine how that might have played out? We can’t, but it really did almost happen.

Bloomberg on Monday said that, two years ago, when the company was having a hard time making money, Elon Musk was discussing selling the company to Google’s Larry Page.

Musk would have apparently settled for about $6 billion in cash, but wanted Google to promise an additional $5 billion so that he could expand the company’s manufacturing. “[Musk] insisted that Page let him run a Google-owned Tesla for eight years, or until it began pumping out such a car. Page accepted the overall proposal and shook on the deal,” Bloomberg said.

Asked to comment on the story by Bloomberg, Page said that owning a car company is “far from what Google knows,” though that obviously downplays the company’s efforts to create autonomous vehicles. Still, apparently Musk and Page had finalized a deal that was about to work out — until Tesla began to sell cars.

Shortly after Page and Musk reached an agreement, Tesla’s sales began to spike and the company started to profit. Musk ultimately pulled the deal, and the car company continued on its track without any participation from Google. Crazy to think about what might have been, huh?