elissoneLet’s face it, there are a lot of games in the App Store.  Sometimes it’s a hard to find one that takes advantage of the iPhone’s multitouch capabilities in a way that is unlike anything you’ve played.  If you haven’t already discovered Eliss, it’s about time you did.

Eliss consists of 25 different sectors that get harder as you progress.  Each sector is completed once you’ve sent a certain amount of planets into their respectively colored black holes.  Planets appear in different sizes on the screen at a predetermined rate depending on the sector you’re in.  You can pinch planets of the same color together to combine them making a larger planet or pinch one apart to split into two smaller planets.  Once you place a planet in the same size and color black hole, the planet will disappear sending space dust across the screen.  Tapping each piece of space dust will replenish part of your life meter.  Your life meter will decrease for as long as two planets of different colors remain in contact.  Once your life meter reaches zero, it’s game over. elisstwo

At certain points in each sector, power-ups will appear that can either slow down movement on the screen or to replenish your life meter.  Like power-ups, obstacles will appear in different sectors.  Flaming hot suns will float across the screen that rapidly drain your life meter if they come into contact with your planets.  Swirling vortexes will draw all your planets towards its center unless held back by one of your fingers.  In the more advanced levels, you’ll encounter both at the same time.  Eventually, your fingers will feel like they’re playing fast-paced Twister and it’s more of a challenge than you can imagine.

Eliss is a game that you can pick up for a few minutes and can keep your attention for hours.  Although some levels may take hundreds of tries and hours of frustration, unlocking a sector is inexplicably rewarding.  The game has amazing retro sound effects that are best experienced with headphones.  The complete package is a refined and polished work that is, without a doubt, worth the $2.99.  If you’re interested, they’ve got a lite version with access to the first three levels to try before you buy.  Check it out in the App Store and let us know what you think.