Mini’s first step into electric vehicles was back in 2008 with the introduction of the Mini E. That car was used by private drivers to gather information with intent to one day make an all-electric Mini line. In the meantime, Mini offered an electric version of its four-door Countryman that was only launched this year, but that was it.

Mini announced at IAA Cars 2017 an electric concept that would be the basis for an all-electric line that will be presented in 2019.

The Mini concept incorporates the classic compact chassis of past Minis and adds an updated exterior with futuristic finishes that is meant for urban mobility. One of the best aspects of Minis is their relatively small footprint, making them perfect cars to drive around in cities.

“The MINI Electric Concept is a quintessential MINI – compact, agile, simply the ideal companion for everyday driving. At the same time, it conveys a whole new take on the concept of sportiness,” stated senior Vice President BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk. And sporty it definitely is.

Coming up on the concept, you notice right away the flashy headlights and hexagonal radiator grill. The lights are still the same round design past Minis have had for a long time, but this updated take features a crazy LED daylight running setting that circles around with an in-cut on the inside. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and it looks slick.

The tail lamps feature an odd backward directional arrow (with the right-pointed arrow on the left side and vice versa) with a dot-like pattern outlining the arrows. Moving down to the wheels, the 19-inch wheels feature a dark texture and inlay cut-out that’s will have people that either love them or hate them.

Mini outfitted the concept with a fun silver and yellow paint finish. This really pops with the accented yellow parts, including the hardtop and side mirrors.

In debuting the electric concept, Mini didn’t get into specifics about the range, power or available trims. Both this new concept and the current Mini Countryman S E will fall under the Mini Electric banner once the line is debuted in 2019.

But if it handles like a Mini, using the instant-torque electric engine with a go-kart like feel, this car will be one of the most fun electric cars to drive.