Ultra-luxury automaker Bentley will enter the pure electric car race, an engineering executive recently confirmed. The company has so far only expressed interest in hybrid vehicles that run on both electric and gasoline, but it’s researching a more pure electric approach, Drive said recently.

“We are currently in the stage where we are evaluating all possibilities, but there are so many question marks behind this,” Bentley Board Member for Engineering and Engineering Chief Rolf Frech told Drive. “I think there will be an answer within the next six months to a year to decide which directions we will go, but of course electric will be a future strategy direction for Bentley.”

Rolf admitted that there still isn’t a complete plan in place for those aforementioned “directions” the company might take, but suggested Bentley may try to build a consumer-ready version of its EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car.

“One way we could take is something like the Speed 6 we already showed, but it could also be a more traditional car… we will see,” he told Drive. Pictures of that concept are included in the gallery above.

No word on when such a car might hit the market, but you can expect it will come with the same luxury price tag that all Bentley’s sport.