As tends to happen when beta software is released by Apple, references to future products have been spotted, possibly pointing to some exciting announcements to come.

In the latest release of OS X El Capitan, a pair of products are referenced in the software’s code: a 4K 21.5-inch iMac, along with a Bluetooth remote with a multitouch trackpad. Intriguing. Could that last bit be interpreted as an accessory for a new Apple TV? It’s very possible, especially since earlier Apple TV rumors claimed the new streamer would come with a revamped remote.

9to5Mac says the files also mention inertial scrolling support, audio output, and references to Force Touch. With Force Touch already becoming an important part of the Apple Watch and Apple’s lineup of laptops, it’s very likely it’ll make its way to other gadgets. We’ve heard the technology is coming to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so why not to an Apple TV remote?

As for the mystery iMac, it looks like the 21.5-inch model is due for a refresh, with a 4096 x 2304-pixel resolution screen in tow. As for the specs the all-in-one might possess, 9to5Mac points to a mention of an Intel Irios Pro 6200 chipset, which only just launched this month. There are also mentions of four different AMD Radeon R9 processors, suggesting there might be several models to choose from.

Although the Bluetooth remote doesn’t mention a new Apple TV by name, it certainly seems like a sure bet. Of course, the project has been mired in mystery for a long time now, so who knows when we’ll actually see it announced. We originally thought Apple would announce something at WWDC, but plans have apparently been put on hold until this fall.