He’s not the friendliest-looking character we’ve ever seen but Edrio Two Tubes will apparently play a part in taking down the Empire when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters. The character was revealed at the Star Wars booth at Comic-Con this past week, which also had the other Rogue One character costumes on display, including Jyn Erso.

Here’s the official description from Lucasfilm:

Edrio Two Tubes is a mercenary pilot who flies alongside his eggmate, Benthic. The two share the nickname derived from the breathing apparatus that allows their Tognath physiology to process oxygen atmospheres. Ediro’s home world Yar Togna was conquered and occupied by the Empire, forcing him to flee as a refugee. Desiring to strike back against the Empire, Edrio and Benthic have allied with Saw Gerrera.

I really like how the new characters in Rogue One seem to straddle the line between good and evil, appearing to have somewhat nefarious pasts. For example, it was previously revealed Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed) is a former Imperial pilot who winds up fighting for the Rebellion.

Check out Edrio Two Tubes in the gallery above. He probably won’t appear in Rogue One very much, but, if anything, he’ll make for some good cosplay.