When you hear the words “smart thermostat” you probably think of Nest or maybe the Honeywell Lyric, but one new gadget claims to be even smarter than both of those devices. The Ecobee 3 was announced this week as a “smarter” Wi-Fi thermostat that uses small remote sensors to track the temperature throughout your entire home.

Ecobee’s new thermostat is a simple 3.5-inch touchscreen device that you can sync with Wi-Fi enabled sensors around the house. Each remote sensor will track the temperature and can even tell when you leave the room,. That allows the Ecobee 3 to regulate the temperature based on where you are in the house. It also promises to learn more as time goes on to help cut down on the amount of energy you use by up to 23 percent.

The Ecobee 3 also does everything you’d expect from a smart thermostat. You can control it from your phone or tablet, and check in on the temperature at home even when you’re away. It also knows the temperature outside and uses that information to regulate the temperature inside.

You can pre-order the new thermostat now starting at $249 for the main unit. Ecobee is also selling its remote sensors in a pack of two for $79, though if you buy the whole thing as a bundle you’ll get a $15 discount.