Amazon and Apple are two of the world's largest technology companies. It's no secret that they're competing in many areas, but the holiday season has brought these two rivals together. The Cupertino-based company's music streaming service, Apple Music, will be available on Amazon's Echo devices in mid-December.

Just add the skill to Alexa, and you'll be able to ask the digital assistant to dive into Apple Music's catalog of 50 million songs. The song will then play on the Echo device.

The integration has long been desired by users, but Apple Music stayed away from Amazon's ecosystem. Instead, users needed to continue using mobile apps and Bluetooth speakers or choose a different service. Since the Echo family was born a few years ago, countless services for music streaming hopped aboard and linked to Alexa.

By the way, Apple Music is the most popular music streaming service in the United States. The global leader is Spotify, but Apple's done a terrific job ensuring U.S. consumers are aware of the value behind its product. Namely, there's strong integration between Apple-made hardware.

You'll be able to use Apple Music with any of Amazon's Echo devices starting on Monday, December 17.