Sony has announced that its latest Android-powered 4K TVs will soon be compatible with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, allowing users to turn their television on and off, adjust the channel and volume, change input methods, control playback features, and schedule recordings using nothing but their voice.

The feature will be restricted to the United States at first, according to the Japanese firm, and should automatically install on compatible TVs — including fifteen XBR models from this year and eight from last — as the “TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa application,” so long as the automatic updates option is enabled.

I’m going to give the Echo another go

I’ve always favored Google Home because of its ability to cast content to a Chromecast-connected TV, but now that Amazon has teamed up with Sony to go a step further and allow users to control native functions, I’m going to give the Echo another go. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.