Amazon announced a new expansion to its family of Echo devices on Wednesday called the Echo Look. The new Alexa-enabled device will bring with it everything you expect from the assistant, with some interesting new tricks to help you get dressed in the morning.

The new Echo Look includes a built-in 5MP camera with LED lighting that will allow you to use just your voice to take a full-length picture. Once you've taken it, you will be able to look back at the picture in the companion app to see how the outfit looks. If you want, you can also try on another outfit, take a second picture, and the app will use a feature called Style Check powered by machine learning to tell you which is the better choice. The app will also keep all of the images so you can look back through them and see if you are unknowingly repeating an outfit too soon.

What about privacy?

This is an odd time for such a device to hit the market. With growing concerns over how much devices such as Echo listen to and retain, the idea of a cloud-connected camera in your bedroom may be disconcerting to some. While we're sure Amazon has taken this into consideration, you may still want to make sure the camera isn't pointing at your bed all night if you are the least bit concerned.

Amazon is currently taking reservations for the Echo Look, but the device will retail for $199.99 once it's released.

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