Amazon announced a child-friendly Echo Dot on Wednesday, which is appropriately called the Echo Dot Kids Edition. The new model comes with a bunch of stuff that, as you’d expect, makes it perfect for children to use. From its design to its software, the Echo Dot Kids Edition is safe for children of all ages to have in their playroom and bedroom without parents needing to worry.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition doesn’t have a different build or specifications. It’s the same unit everyone else buys, but Amazon included a protective case in the event a little one knocks or drops it. Since children like to express themselves, the colors include blue, green, and red.

Introducing the child-friendly model comes at a time when Amazon is aiming to make Alexa capable for all ages.

Along with the Echo Dot Kids Edition, the company is announcing FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited for its digital assistant. Parents gain special controls for the Echo family at no additional cost unless they want premium content. FreeTime Unlimited, which is $3 per month for Prime members, unlocks child-focused skills, audiobooks, and more.

Children have always been able to use their parents’ Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus. The difference, however, is that now they can use it without stumbling upon content that isn’t suitable for them.

FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa is open for all of its smart speakers, but the Echo Dot Kids Edition acts as a gateway for parents.

The free-to-use features include time limits on usage, blocking explicit songs, activity review, Magic Word to teach children manners, educational questions and answers, and household communications. Amazon also says Alexa can “speak ‘kid'” to its young users. If a child says he or she is bored, the digital assistant can serve up jokes, songs, or anything else that’s entertaining or educational.

Parents who go for FreeTime Unlimited unlock hundreds of books from Audible, ad-free stations and playlists from iHeartRadio, Alexa Kid Skills from brands like National Geographic and Nickelodeon, and wake-up alarms from Disney characters.

There’s some more money to pay if you want your child to have Alexa as his or her new best friend. While the regular Echo Dot is just $50, the Echo Dot Kids Edition is $80. Amazon fairly raised the price, though, because you do get plenty of age-appropriate content.

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