If you haven’t ordered an Echo Dot by now, you may be waiting until Fall before you get one.

Unlike the full-sized Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot is currently only available for order through an existing Echo. This means you actually need to speak to your Echo to even order one, and you are limited to two per account. You would think this would cut down on demand significantly and allow nearly instantaneous delivery, but that is certainly not the case.

After receiving my first Echo Dot and using it for a few days my family asked me to order them one, which I happily did last night. However, Alexa responded by informing me that the Echo Dot is currently out of stock and my new order wouldn’t ship until August, a full four months from now.

As crazy as it may sound, if you are pondering buying one of these for anyone this holiday season you may want to get in line now. While my suspicion is I will see my second Echo Dot long before the August delivery date I was informed of last night, you can never be too cautious.

At just $90, it appears the Echo Dot is in high demand, and that will apparently not be subsiding any time soon.