eBay LogoRemember that Amazon promotion from last weekend? Well, eBay is trying to do one better, only the company is encouraging consumers to buy in-store in addition to shopping online. Rather than urging shoppers to spurn local brick-and-mortar options, eBay is partnering with three major retailers to try and get consumers back to buying in-store.

Many retailers were outraged at Amazon’s “exploitive” tactics last weekend, claiming the online-retailer essentially poaches shoppers away from local stores with its Price Check app. EBay’s response will give consumers who spend $100 online using a PayPal account a $10 voucher to spend at the same retailer’s store. The promotion is good at Toys “R’ Us, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Aeropostale, running from December 16 – 19.

Ebay has an app similar to Price Check that allows users to scan barcodes and compare prices to that same product online. But contrary to Amazon’s online-only presence, eBay has been committed to supporting a multichannel world – online, mobile, physical. In addition to comparing prices online, eBay’s Red Laser app finds products at nearby stores, and even lets consumers buy items through the app and pick them up in store. Use of the app is not required for the promotion, however.

It’s a cheeky move from eBay that further highlights Amazon’s sneaky poaching tactics. Whether it’ll attract a whole lot of attention and encourage consumers to pay $100 just to receive a $10 voucher is a hard sell, but who knows. For last minute shoppers, eBay’s promotion may wind up being a nice deal to keep in mind.

Are you going to take advantage of eBay’s offer?