eBay is making the process of selling old smartphones super easy with its new Instant Selling tool. The feature enables users to sell their old phone and get paid instantly through an eBay voucher, eliminating the hassle of waiting days or weeks for the payment to go through.

Previously, eBay users had to go through the regular selling method of listing the device before waiting a while for their phone to sell and then waiting for the PayPal payment to be processed. With Instant Selling, you can post your phone online using the portal for a fixed price and as soon as the device is sold you’ll be paid instantly with an eBay voucher, which customers can use right away.

The new Instant Selling tool is similar to what other companies offer with trade-in programs that gives customers an automatic discount on a new smartphone. The newer and more pristine the phone is, the more value they can get.

eBay claims it will net users the highest return value. In a chart the company posted, it showed that a 64GB iPhone X in excellent condition with get users up to $639 while Apple’s GiveBack program only offers $525 for the same phone.