We haven’t had the best experience so far with third-party Apple Watch apps, but a new version of eBay designed for your wrist could be an early exception. The company just announced an iPhone update that adds Apple Watch support to let you bid on items and more.

eBay says you can do a total of 28 different activities from its Apple Watch app. That includes a new “quick bidding feature,” the option to sell products, or send and receive messages using the smartwatch’s built-in microphone. You can even check in on your recent revenue as a seller, and eBay will send you notifications if you get outbid on an item.

You’ll be better off using a larger device if you’re browsing for products to bid on. However, the Apple Watch should make it much easier once you jump into an auction. It’s actually one of the most compelling reasons we’ve seen for the smartwatch so far, assuming you’re regular eBay user.

eBay also updated its apps for iPhone, iPad and Android with a few smaller tweaks. U.K. residents can now set up in-store pickup from an iPad, and the company also added new payment options in Germany and India.

Of course, the big news here is eBay for your Apple Watch. Hit the source link below for more information, or just update the app on your iPhone now to check it out for yourself.