As the Android masses know, Google likes hiding trifling bits of fun in its updates. Gingerbread users who repeatedly hit the version number in the settings were rewarded with Jack Larson's "zombie art." In Honeycomb, a bee got its buzz on, and in ICS, an adorable Android 'bot looked scrumptious as an Ice Cream Sandwich, which — when long-pressed — grew larger and went into Nyan Cat–animation mode.

So did the Goog-meisters uphold the tradition with Jelly Bean? Yeppers. As spotted on a Google Nexus, Android 4.1 presents a little bean that's just begging to be long-pressed. When it is, it morphs into a game that lets users flick around some candy in a zero-gravity environment. SO cute. Here, see for yourself in this Engadget vid (below).

Yet another reason why we can't wait for Jelly Bean. Enjoy.

[via Engadget]