EA is starting off 2015 on a positive note with its first quarter showing an increase over last year's first financial report. The company is reporting an 8 percent increase in revenue to a grand total $1.21 billion for the period of April 1 to June 30.

Of that total, $678 million came from physical discs and the retail market, and $536 million was made through digital sales. Wanting to boost the image of its digital services, though, EA flipped the figures when reporting Non-GAAP with $293 million in physical and $482 million, bringing Non-GAAP revenue to $775 million.

Gotta make those digital sales look good somehow these days.

The company dipped 8.7 percent from the Q4 of 2014, but its only major releases in the time frame were 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and EA Sports UFC, neither of which competed with the likes of Titanfall. However, EA praised Titanfall's performance in Q1 2015 as well with late adopters picking the title up after the quarterly change.

Overall, EA forecasts a drop in revenue of $965 million from last year, bringing it to $4.3 billion in total. It is placing a lot of hopes on big titles Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline in an otherwise dry 2015 financial year. Both games have been hit with a delay as well with Dragon Age: Inquisition seeing a release on November 18th, and Battlefield Hardline being pushed into 2015, most likely not beyond the edge of its Q4 boundaries.