There was a lot to love at EA’s E3 press conference this year, but there seemed to be a theme woven throughout just about everything it showed.

“Those games we told you we are working on are still in development.”

EA has a lot of great games coming up – Mirror’s Edge 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a new Mass Effect title all have me eager for the next year of games. If you’re into sports, NHL, NFL and UFC should all have you worked into a froth.

But where were the surprises? Where were the live demos?

Opinions will vary on the quality of the other press conferences – only Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft have shown as of the writing of this article – but EA didn’t seem to have much to show. The defense for that complaint is, often, that this is a show for investors, not for fans. But even for investors, all they had to look at was status updates on known quantities.

The only real reveals were that Criterion is working on a new project that is very early in development and BioWare is working on a new IP – no release date for either, and no footage from BioWare.

What they did show focused on the people creating the games instead of focusing on the games themselves.

Does EA not have anything to show, are they holding back for Gamescom, or are they just totally disorganized? EA’s been working with Microsoft for a while, but rumors have been floating around about Titanfall appearing on PlayStation, so they might be holding something for Sony’s show later tonight. If I had to guess, I’d say its upcoming games aren’t quite where it wants them yet.

We’ll be checking out EA’s booth tomorrow, so we should have an answer for you tomorrow evening.