Doug TenNapel might not be the biggest name in video game history, but he has an exciting library of hits to put to his name. The most recognizable of the bunch is the classic Earthworm Jim series, and we think it's mighty fine.

But today we are going to talk about his two relatively forgotten cult-classics, The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys. These two games deserve a mention not only because they are both really fun, but because TenNapel took a rare approach to animating these games through expert use of claymation.

After more than a decade of graphic novels and animation on TV, TenNapel has decided to make a return on the gaming scene. He is asking gamers for funds through a Kickstarter campaign to create Armikrog, a point-and-click adventure hailed as a "spiritual successor" to The Neverhood.

The cost for Armikrog will be a hefty $900,000, and TenNapel intends to put the funding towards animating the game using clay and puppets once again. As of writing, he already has $204,000 raised, so it's safe to believe gamers trust him to get the work done.

Claymation has been absent for far too long from our modern day entertainment. A movie made in claymation would be exciting at this point, but an entire game is absolutely staggering. Please give it a glance if you are interested.